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Cultural Practices in Yanomamo Culture Research Paper

Cultural Practices in Yanomamo Culture - Research Paper Example This tribe did not have any contact with the outside world until the 1950s before which they lived in complete isolation. They were able to adapt themselves to their environment through means of cultural adaptation by following their cultural standards and practices (Trachoma among the Yanomami, Web). The Yanomamo tribe consists of hunters and horticulturists who frequently move to new areas when the soil becomes exhausted. More than half of the Yanomami live within the Amazon forest while some live along the major rivers. Similar to their living conditions, the Yanomamo also follow different rituals and beliefs. Their religious beliefs are also based on the principles of animism. They believe that the forests entail a spiritual existence along with its other uses of food and plants etc (Yanomamo, Varying Adaptations of Foraging Horticulturalists, Web). One of the main cultural practices followed by the Yanomami is Polygny which is the most common form of polygamy. Polygny is a practice in which a man has more than one wife at the same time. In the Yanomamo society, arranged marriages are common and the marriage is often based on survival and other economic factors. The men are given a higher position or role and the women are treated as servants and properties of other members of the society. The female members of this community are not allowed to participate in most of the activities but the preparation is done by the females themselves.

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Mandatory Jail Sentence Essay Example for Free

Mandatory Jail Sentence Essay Many lives would be saved by car crashes every year. If they are put into jail for at least 48 hours or more, they would learn from their mistakes most likely and wont do it again. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * If there was more at stake for people, they would be more hesitant about making bad decisions. Drunk driving is a direct result of bad decisions. It doesnt happen accidentally, and the people causing it are not victims. If the punishment for this horrid crime is harsher, maybe people would think a bit more and decide against getting behind a wheel and being irresponsible. Posted by: 4uncLife Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Since most drunk drivers are otherwise non-criminal average citizens, I do think a mandatory jail sentence would decrease drunk driving. I do not feel that a small fine and temporary suspension of your drivers license is a steep enough punishment to effectively deter drunk driving. But, I do think that a mandatory jail sentence would discourage the average citizen from committing that crime. Posted by: ToughEfrain26 Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Jail deters those who are currently freed and those who served the time. Many of the cases of drunk driving are repeat offenders who received warnings, fines, or points on their licenses that drove up their auto insurance rates and other monetary fines but rarely any thing that made them stop driving drunk. Mandatory jail time for drunk driving literally drives the lesson home, that drunk driving will take the drunk driver away from their life. Increasing the jail time per incident also shows the increasing penalty for the decision and takes away the leniency of some judges who give a slap on the wrist until someone is killed. Posted by: Pir4And Report Post LikeReply 0 0 48 hours is a slap on the wrist to some. Being from a rural area, many people consume alcohol because there is simply, nothing else to do. These same people fight, drive and do other thoughtless acts because their brain is not processing the full concequences of their actions. People like this have run-ins with the law on a regular basis, so 48 hours in jail is a slap on the wrist to them . Two years ago two young boys were riding an ATV on the road in this same rural town when they were struck and killed by a drunk driver. This would have never happened had he been imprisoned for a few months. Not many people can have a true life changing experience within two days. when 211 children die in one year thanks to drunk driving then something must be done to prevent drunk driving from ever occuring. At some point people will realize that drunk drivers are a threat to society and should be locked up for a long peoriod of time so that they can not hurt anyone, and hopefully change their ways. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * I agree completely that a mandatory jail sentence on the first offense would decrease the number of drunken drivers. If you have a mandatory sentence people would be less likely to drive under the influence, they would more likely to stay at home or use the common idea of a designated driver. There are repeat offenders I know that havent done a bit of jailtime for their crimes and they still drink and drive. They dont find the penalties that bad because they havent been properly punished. There are a select few who learn from their mistakes but that is few and far between. The treatments last 30 to 90 days and most alcoholics just go throught the paces and continue on their merry way. The treatment plans arent working, so why not try this? Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * A mandatory jail sentence would help decrease the instances of drunk driving, because people would be more careful. You have a variety of people who get stopped for drunk driving. A mandatory jail sentence would help decrease the instances of drunk driving for those people who are more casual, or only social, drinkers. It might help some of those who love to party, but it is hard to say. Nothing would stop those who are alcoholics. Posted by: eyeslikethat Report Post LikeReply 0 0 Yes, a mandatory jail sentence will decrease the instances of drunk driving, because the perpetrators will be sitting in jail, instead of driving drunk on our streets. It has been shown, over and over, that people who drive drunk are often repeat offenders. They do this over and over. I dont know if a stint in jail will stop them from drinking and driving, but at least it will remove them from the street s, so that they are not out there doing the same thing. I am sure that, for lots of people, the threat of an automatic jail sentence will also make them think twice about drinking and driving, or letting a friend or relative drink or drive. Posted by: I0ckHead Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * I believe drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense If there was a mandatory jail sentence for drunk drivers, there would be less of them on our roads. On average a drunk driver drives 87 times while intoxicated before being pulled over. And then they get pulled over, and get a warning, or fine, or points on their license. Thats it. If they have driven drunk before they probably will again if all they get is a warning. Think about all your loved ones on the road each day, they are being put in danger of being hit by a drunk driver. nd youre saying its okay for people that drive drunk to get a slap on the wrist! If drunk drivers go to jail, even for 48 hours, they probably wont do it again. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Because many drunk drivers do not consider themselves criminals, a jail sentence would re-frame the way the public thinks about drunk driving not just a lapse in judgment but a crime. Fir st of all, drinking is an inherent part of our culture and the line between social drinking and driving drunk can be a difficult one to judge, encouraging many to not take drunk driving seriously. Moreover, many drinkers who might get a DUI do not engage in other criminal activity and do not consider drinking or its consequences to be a criminal offense. Attaching a jail sentence to a DUI would re-frame the way drinkers and the general public perceive a DUI and force them consider the consequences more seriously. A jail term carries a much heavier punishment (as well as social stigma) than the usual punishments for a DUI offense which would make it effective as a means to reduce driving under the influence of alcohol. Posted by: PeytonW Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * You could end up killing sombody If you just get a slap on the wrist you will be urged just to drive intoxicated again. i mean think of your loved ones who are always playing in your yard and a drunk driver came crashing through your fence and kills your kids? how would that make you feel? In my opinion they should go to jail for at least a few days so when they get out they realize what they did was wrong and it would encourage them to never drive intoxicated again. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 I believe a mandatory jail sentence would decrease instances of drunk driving drastically because it would establish a clear unfavorable consequence for their behavior. When there is a mandatory sentence attached to a crime people are more likely to think twice before doing it. If a person knows that there is more chance than not of them going to jail they are less likely to do it because of the circumstances that would create such as losing your drivers license, job, children and possibly your spouse. Most people would say that drinking and driving is not worth risking the loss of all those things. Posted by: N4nClar Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Driving under the influence is a choice and any deterrent is totally warranted. I strongly believe that there should be zero tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol. A mandatory jail sentence would send a clear message that it is unacceptable behaviour and people might think twice before doing it. Those who do the right thing have nothing to fear. Posted by: Mo2esDonaId Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * People are inherently scared of jail, so a mandatory sentence would help. A more severe punishment would almost certainly decrease the instances of drunk driving, to some extent. People can deal with fines and community service, but jail is something that no person wants to experience. The fact that assaults occur in jail isnt really justifiable, and needs to be addressed more thoroughly than it has been. But, it does make many terrified and, as such, stops people from committing severe crimes. Posted by: TwoVic Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * I agree with your opinion. A jail sentence would be very helpful in decreasing drug driving. I agree because nowadays, drunk driving is not a crime. They give money to court and that settles that case. Then sometimes they repeat this again. Mandatory jail sentence help decrease the instances of drunk driving. Posted by: 5h4ngMaxi Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Jail sentences will definitely reduce drunk driving instances. Jail sentences are usually effective in frightening people away from doing certain things. Because people with criminal records have fewer job opportunities and limited futures, people will generally avoid doing things that will get them imprisoned, such as murder, rape, and vandalism. If you start imprisoning people for drunk driving as well, then you will see a dramatic decrease in that area. Posted by: N0bIatina Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * A no-tolerance policy on drunk driving would cause people to take the offense more seriously. Drinking and driving has contributed to thousands of accidents, injuries, and deaths. In my opinion, I believe a mandatory jail sentence for convicted offenders would cause people to seriously consider the consequences of drinking and driving. Taking a serious civil approach to the offense would cause friends and family to view drinking and driving as completely unacceptable. It would add a risk of job loss, public humiliation, and jail time, to the risks of injury, death and property damage. Additionally, incarcerated offenders would not be putting other motorists at risk while they are locked up. Posted by: QuietWayne85 Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Cars are just like loaded guns they can be used to kill If you take a loaded gun and walk around with your finger on the trigger everyone would agree that you might kill someone. At the very least you will be charged with negligent homicide and be imprisoned for 1-20 years. Why should driving a car while impaired be any different? You are intentionally using a potentially fatal machine while you are physically and mentally impaired. People, its a no brainer. Posted by:  handrews Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * I believe that a mandatory jail sentence for drunk driving would definitely help to reduce the instances of drunk driving, because it would certainly get everyones attention. As long as the sentence is reasonable by being enough time to get the drunk drivers attention, I believe that it would definitely help to reduce drunk driving. For many people, having to go to jail just one time would deter them from drinking and driving in the future. Many social drinkers would want to avoid a jail sentence, so they might change their ways. I dont believe it would go a long way in helping with repeat offenders, because these people have a problem with alcohol that needs to be addressed. Posted by: R0d0Ferdy Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Stop the Shaming Let those who are addicted get the treatment, counseling, medical attention, etc. , that they need. Jail wont help the addiction. Shaming can cause the defendant to repeat the behavior. Some defendants have serious mental illnesses which require a physicians care. They deserve to get it. Fortunately, most drunk driving incidents do not result in accidents, so its best to allow the defendant the opportunity to get help early on. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Being silly Just get rid of cars, they pollute kill people, animal(all that road kill), Im constantly broke because its $5 a gallon. ever 5 years the damn thing breaks and have to go buy an even more expensive model, car companies discontinuing parts. Put a drunk behind a bicycle probably just fall over. BE SMART DONT DRINK AND DRIVE Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * In 500 years no one will remember anyway Being a true believer in letting each do as they please, no one should be punished for anything they do. The strong will survive, and the weak and lame will die. Simple as that. It would save the cost of government. Live and let live die and let die. Callous statement to be sure. But, life is short. Over the course of thousands of years, it isnt going to matter anyway. If you live to be 90 or 9, youre just a speck in the universe. You wont be missed or thought of at all in 500 years, so who should care. Were all going to die sooner or later, so, it doesnt really matter. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * No. The DUI Process Should Focus on Health The DUI Process should be an opportunity to investigate the defendants health and ensure that medical care is received. Many are suffering from serious health conditions including addiction. Addiction has an insidious onset and the drunk driver should not be blamed for being addicted. Treatment should be sought and maintained. Most drunk drivers are unaware they are over the legal limit. Second offenses will be reduced. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * No, people get arrested and put in jail multiple times and still they drink and drive. Drunk people dont even consider going to jail when they drive under the influence. When people get behind the wheel that have had too much to drink, they dont think of the consequences, period. Knowing that they might kill someone doesnt deter them, why would a mandatory jail sentence? Repeat offenders are a perfect example. These people know for a fact that they will do time, but they do it anyway. I dont see any way to keep people from drinking and driving unless theres a breathalyzer attached to the ignition key and it is activated once the person [driver] is in the seat, and cannot be tricked. THAT is a good idea. I just thought of it. Posted by: PinkMych Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Mandatory sentences havent proven to effectively lower the rate of any crimes. Mandatory sentences takes the human being out of the situation for both the prosecution and defense. Every scenario has extenuating circumstances that should be taken into consideration before imposing sentencing, mandatory or otherwise. Many of the people who get arrested for driving under the influence need rehabilitation. Our responsibility as a society should be to help people who are sick, and not punish them for doing the things that their sickness tells them to do. Posted by: TownNoam Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * No.. but in certain cases then jail is needed For the drivers that have a problem with the abuse of alcohol or drugs you always gotta see how to help them fix that problem first just punishment is not sufficient in their rehabilitation. I dont feel that mandatory jail time is helpful in these cases specially where there was no injuries or deaths involved. In fact it might even make their situations worse if they lose their jobs and family because of incarceration. So in conclusion mandatory jail time should be applied accordingly to the specific case. Intense treatment plans would work better in my opinion. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Preserve Judicial Discretion! Recognize that every person and every situation is unique. Sentencing is more effective when judges are allowed to make case-by-case decisions that factor in the circumstances of the individual. The statistic that the average drunk driver drives 87 times before being pulled over is irrelevant; in America, we are sentenced only for crimes in which we are convicted. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Defendants Need Treatment Some drunk drivers need alcohol treatment. A jail sentence would result in a life-long resentment, no treatment and contribute to perpetuating active alcohol addiction, employment problems, financial problems, etc. Focus on treatment, not punishment. Tougher consequences should be imposed only if there is a serious accident. The majority of traffic fatalities are caused by sober drivers. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * No, mandatory jail sentences would not help decrease the instances of drunk driving. Penalties right now are very harsh, and people who are going to drink and drive will do it no matter what the penalties are. No, mandatory jail sentences would not help decrease the instances of drunk driving because penalties right now are very harsh and costly. People who are going to drink and drive are going to do it no matter what the penalties are. The instance of drunk driving have been decreasing recently and it would be very costly for taxpayers to incarcerate more people. People who drink and drive dont think about the penalties before doing so or they wouldnt be drinking and driving now. Posted by: MycCra2ii Report Post LikeReply 0 0 Where it is the culture to drink, no regulations that assume personal responsibility will work, we should focus on taverns who over serve their customers. It is law in most states that bartenders are responsible for not allowing a patron to become too intoxicated, yet it is only enforced if someone dies because of a drunken customer. The bartender is obviously in a situation of being in a conflict of interest, as the more he or she sells, the more they make. If bart enders were more responsible, and it wasnt the culture to drink, we would have far less drunk drivers. Posted by: daveyxh Report Post LikeReply 0 * I disagree with mandatory jail sentences for drunk driving because I think that raising awareness would be more effective. I do think that repeat offenders and those whose impaired driving takes a life or causes sever injury should receive jail sentences, but a mandatory jail sentence for a first offense might cause a life or family unit to be ruined due to a lapse in judgment. I think raising awareness about what constitutes drunk driving is key many people feel that there is a difference between driving drunk and driving buzzed, but in the eyes of the law the difference is not that apparent. I think that learning what constitutes impaired driving would help a lot of people understand when its time to had over the keys. I think that effective public transport could help a lot. Posted by: Shim2free Report Post LikeReply 0 0 * Small Chance of Fatality You have a greater chance of being killed by a gun than a drunk driver. You also have a greater chance of being killed by a texter, speeder, or general negligent sober driver, than a drunk driver. The DUI Process takes all the money away from the drunk driver that he/she needs for medical care. Without medical care, theres an increased chance of a drunk driving incident. Alcoholism is a disease that requires care, just like cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Posted by: Anonymous Report Post LikeReply 0 0 What’s Popular Now Are atheists being persecuted in America? Should there be routine HIV testing for all adults? Is the Department of Education making too much profit off of struggling students? Are doctors to blame for prescription drug abuse? Should coaches give players equal playing time? From Around the Web Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers Best Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquets Best Used Cars Under 10000 A Secret Phone Companies Dont Want You to Know Rare Discovery Could Extend Your Life by 30 Years ? * - - Comments (0) - * - - Replies (0) - No comments yet. Leave a comment (Maximum 900 words) Related Opinions Are you proud to be an American? * Should developed countries cancel debt of developing countries? * Is Africa on the rise? * Does Republican equal conservative? * Should Republicans change their stance on the Violence Against Women Act? * Could momentum in the political world for gay rights actually limit momentum in the legal world? * Should the government help homeowners with underwater mortgages? * Should Republicans give up their fight against Planned Parenthood? Copyright  © 2013  Debate. org. All rights reserved. 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Big Brother Is Watching You Essay -- essays research papers

Big Brother Is Watching You   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  My name is Winston Smith, a man of 39 living in Oceania, and I am the last sane man on earth. I believe the date to be 1984, even though I have no real proof of it. London, as I know it, is a place devastated by hunger and disrepair. A place where every action and thought are closely monitored. For as long as I can remember, the Party has been in control. The principles of Ingsoc1 and Big Brother have been dictating public interest here since the 40s. Even though I have never known any other life, it feels like there is something inherently wrong with this one. Big Brother imposes a way of life that is intolerable to me. I have committed acts of subversion, violence, perversion, demoralization and more for the good of the Brotherhood2. I am a traitor, and the rest of the people of Oceania are empty headed automatons.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I seem to be the only person in possession of a memory. When I used to work for Minitrue3 in the records department, my job was to remove or rewrite incongruent bits of history from the Times and other periodicals. On occasion I would rewrite entire articles to favor of the Party and it’s predictions. There was one week when it was announced that the chocolate ration would be reduced to 20%. The next week there was an announcement that the ration would be raised to 20%! And no one noticed the lie that was told! Everyone believed that only a week from when their rations had b...

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Ford Motor Company: Supply Chain Strategy Case

Ford Motor Company, incorporated in 190 by Mr. Henry Ford, is one of the largest vehicle markers in the world today. This company employees more than 360,000 employees and has produced more than 260 million vehicles over its history. Since the 1970s, the auto industry has evolved from an industry with only a few large companies to one in which competition has become tough. Instead of two main competitors, Ford now faces foreign automakers in the marketplace. With the increased competition, car dealers are seeing more cars sit on lots for a longer period of time and are now offering a variety of incentives to get people to buy these products. Diagnosis In 1995, the CEO of Ford established an initiative called Ford 2000 in an effort to reduce costs and become more market competitive. This new initiative encompassed all of Ford's activities, such as product development, manufacture and marketing. Most of these projects were based around IT improvements. These improvements were done as an effort to bring Ford closer to all aspects of their supply chain, from their supplier to their customers. In 1998, Ford also opened the first of its Ford Retail Networks. This project was started to help the dealers compete with the real competition, such as GM and Chrysler instead of each other. It also brought Ford closer to the end customer. This Ford 2000 project was a major undertaking, but what is helping the company as a whole? Well, in 1998, the Ford 2000 initiative had raised Ford's profits, return on sales, and had made the company the industry leader in profit per vehicle. Ford had been named the most improved automaker in 1997 by JD Power Initial Quality Study and had become the world leader in trucks. They were making progress, but where still burdened with large inventories. Ford's Director of Supply Chain Systems began to research what Ford could do to decrease these inventories to become the industry leader and to increase shareholder wealth. She did some research into Dell Computers. This company was enjoying 55% per year growth at the time that Ford's growth was steady at about 6% a year. They were also seeing a 133% growth of their stocks while Ford was seeing at 33.4% growth. Dell had adopted a virtual integration business model. Within this model Dell uses the Internet for almost all business activities. Customers place an order specifying exactly what they want. This can be done over the Internet or over the phone. Dell then places an order for the components of this machine over an Internet based JIT ordering system. The parts are received assembled and shipped to the customer within 5-6 days. After much research, the director tried to determined if this same system could be used for Ford Motor Company. Analysis The Director found that there would be several challenges if they were going to implement this type of virtual integration system. First, Ford Motor Company is more than 100 years old whereas Dell was opened in 1984. Since the company is so old and has been doing business the same way for a long period of time, it will be harder to implement a large change such as virtual integration. For example, Ford's procurement process is not where it needs to be if the company is going to virtually integrate. Ford currently has a very large number of suppliers. Procurement personnel are highly involved with every aspect of the supplier relationship, while Dell uses a JIT ordering system. Ford's manual process is more apt to errors than an electronic process would be, but the procurement department has been so powerful for so long that it may be hard to convince those working in this department that this change will be beneficial. The implementation of an electronic ordering system could put some of these employees out of a job. These employees are also choosing suppliers on the basis of cost only. If Ford was going to implement a virtual integration system, procurement professionals would have to take other aspects into account, such as delivery time and willingness to partner. If Ford was going to implement an electronic system for ordering, they would also face some challenges while establishing Internet links with their suppliers. First, they would have to choose whom they would want to partner with in this fashion. Then they would have to determine if these suppliers have information technology systems that would support an Internet based communication system. Currently Ford has started to develop this type of system with their â€Å"tier one† suppliers who are their most advanced and largest suppliers. If they were to extend the electronic ordering to other suppliers who did not have the technology to support this type of system, Ford would be forced to decide if they would want to help their suppliers develop or acquire the technology needed for this interaction. Other issues such as what type of information would be shared and the security system they would use to make sure only those with the need to know would have access to this information would have to be addressed as well. Another challenge Ford Motor Company would face when trying to implement a virtual integration model like Dells is there are some major differences between the computer and automotive industries. An automobile is a more complex product and includes many more parts than a computer. If Ford were going to implement a virtual integration model they would have to manage a larger number of component parts suppliers than Dell is managing, which would add costs. Ford, if moving towards virtual integration, must also address their network of privately owned dealerships. Dell's model of virtual integration includes no dealers or retailers. If Ford were to adopt complete virtual integration, they would technically not have dealers. Having no dealers would not be possible for Ford. These dealerships are franchises that are owned legally by individuals. Also a person that is going to buy a car may not be receptive to ordering one off the Internet. Most people test-drive an automobile before they buy, which could not be done if cars were ordered strictly from the manufacturer. If Ford did not offer test-drives and other companies such as GM did, Ford would have a large disadvantage. Conclusion In order to implement the type of virtual integration model that Dell currently employs, Ford would have to overcome some obstacles. These obstacles come from every aspect of their current supply chain. They would have to partner with suppliers and provide these suppliers the infrastructure and training they would need in order to communicate over the Internet. They would also have to change the way their dealers worked with customers. Since most customers would not accept buying a car directly off the Internet, Ford would have to implement other methods of changing this aspect of their supply chain. Recommendations Although there are several differences between Ford and Dell, I do recommend that Ford implement some of Dell's virtual integration model. I recommend that they set-up an extranet, or extend their current system so that they may use JIT ordering with their suppliers. They could use some sort of incentive plan to encourage their supplier to invest in their technology systems so that they would be able to use this extranet for accepting orders. The amount of money Ford would save from the direct link they would have to their suppliers should supplement the investment they would have to make in developing an extranet. I also recommend that Ford make some changes in the way they interact with their customers. Ford could set-up some type of virtual showroom. This may encourage more customers to order direct from Ford instead of going to a dealer. They could also create an intranet, or enhance their current intranet, in which dealers could check the stock of other dealers for the vehicle a customer is looking for. If they could have this vehicle shipped from one dealer to the other it would not only reduce dealer inventory, but would also please the customer since the lead-time for them receiving their new vehicle would be reduced. Although Ford may never be able to virtually integrate to the extent that Dell has, the company will be able to see cost savings from their integration efforts. Ford should be able to reduce dealer inventories and should be able to move towards a pull strategy of manufacture if they implement these changes.

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My Personal Statement On Computer Science - 1398 Words

Change your life from making a living to making a difference. This statement has always been my inspiration in life. My aim in life is to contribute something to the world in the most significant way so that I make a difference to people’s lives. For this purpose, I feel merely obtaining an undergraduate degree will not be sufficient to thrive. A Master’s degree in Computer Science from State University of New York at Buffalo will provide enough opportunities to add to my intellectual knowledge and will be first step towards my lifelong ambition of creating something innovative and making a difference. Computers have become an integral part of our lives today. This is what makes it one of the most interesting fields as it not only meets the needs but also has the power to create new needs, rules and total environment of its own. Computer technology has a life, inventiveness and a liveliness that is enticing. My decision to focus on a career in Computer Science was a logical culmination of my fascination for computers. It was in schooling that I encountered C Programming, which was a part of my curriculum. I was awestruck looking at the power of code. I understood how a large amount computation is required to program even a small task. Soon I started participating in Computer Science Olympiads and won prizes for the same. I was chosen to become the Computer Science Club Secretary of my school in my 9th and 10th grade. In addition to this, I was also awarded the BestShow MoreRelatedMy Personal Statement On Computer Science1458 Words   |  6 Pagesprocesses. My inquisitiveness is what has fuelled my academic career, and I hope it will be the trait that I can rest most of my future education too. I am keen to learn more in the field of Computer Science to further my career once I am geared with an extensive and wholesome knowledge base. After nearly 4 years working in this field, I have re alized just how vast and pervasive its scope is, something I find exhilarating and motivating in light of the fact that I didn’t focus on Computer Science in myRead MoreThe Field Of Computer Science Essay1517 Words   |  7 PagesIn the field of computer science, there are—which can be surprising to most—multiple occupations that involve more than just sitting in front of a computer and writing intricate codes. A systems analyst, for example, requires an individual to participate in an active team environment. Systems analysts work closely with many professionals such as programmers and hardware specialists to develop systems that can solve various kinds of problems. Additionally, a systems analyst is essential to numerousRead MoreStudent s Worthiness For Receive Financial Aid From A University846 Words   |  4 Pagesa university, it makes sense that personal accomplishments, experiences and life circumstances are taken into consideration. Being a first year student, I think it is important to differentiate myself from other students applying for aid. In the following personal statement I will attempt to convince you that I have maximized my freshman year and continue to excel in the next coming years. The first way I can differentiate myself from my peers originates from my education during high school. DependingRead MoreApplying A Graduate School Is Looking Into What Interest You At Each School925 Words   |  4 Pagesrequirements that include, but not limited to, grade points average (GPA), graduate record examinations (GRE), Personal Statement, and transcripts. Moreover, it also provides information in regards of the intangibles of each program such as costs, location, and funding like assistanceships and scholarships. The first graduate program that interests me is a master of science in health science that is offered by West Virginia University, which is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. They require transcriptsRead MoreEssay on Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Science640 Words   |  3 PagesPersonal Statement MS in Computer Science, University of Illinois Being naturally intrigued about Computers, I pursued my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at College of Engineering Trivandrum, University of Kerala, India. I intend to do my higher education in Computer Science and would like to get enrolled into the Masters Program at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign starting Fall ‘14. My Interest in science started in early childhood. I was fascinated byRead MoreStatement of Purpose Before letting know my intentions to pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer700 Words   |  3 PagesStatement of Purpose Before letting know my intentions to pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, I would like to throw some light on my childhood and the things that triggered me to choose Computer Science as my career. I was astonished when my science teacher told me about the Super Computers and their powerful usage in Space Administration as I was curious in knowing how typical tasks like launching a satellite were accomplished such easily. Throughout my childhood I have been fascinatedRead MoreMy Statement of Purpose: Financial Engineering677 Words   |  3 PagesStatement of Purpose Financial Engineering Introduction Using algorithms to simplify and solve complex business problems while also creating software applications that scale to the most complex, large scale enterprises is a passion that drove me to excel in computer science. The many interrelated systems, databases and applications gave me insight into how even the most intricate, highly dependent systems could be streamlined and aligned to challenging goals. As I continue to master and putRead MorePersonal Statement : Computer Science781 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal Statement I have always been deeply fascinated with computer technology. When I was growing, computers were not highly prevalent in Saudi Arabia; furthermore, the first computer I had did not even have access to the Internet. However, I was born in an age that enabled me to fully appreciate the increasing complexity of technological innovation, allowing my skills and knowledge to grow with these advancements. Following my fascination with technology, I studied computer science asRead MoreI Want to Major in Computer Science665 Words   |  3 PagesSTATEMENT OF PURPOSE Now a Day, Computers are to be considered as the eighth wonder of the world. Computers have become essential in every field such as Communication, Database Systems, Banking, Robotics, Medicine, Automobiles etc. I think it’s fair to say that Computers have become most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity and they can be shaped by their user (Bill Gates). The development of Software industry has brought the world to anRead MoreWhy I Chose Sullivan University For My Masters813 Words   |  4 PagesStatement of Purpose After working for a few years in the IT industry, it was time when I took a step further to improve my skills. I really enjoy working with computers and now I want to add a touch of management to skills. MS in Managing Information Technology will help me attain the skill set I am looking for to help my career reach new heights. I understood the real essence of this field during my work experience at Cerner Corporation where we had to deal with huge amount of data and information

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Nothing Like the Sun (1964) by Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess’s Nothing Like the Sun (1964) is a highly fascinating, albeit fictional, re-telling of Shakespeare’s love life. In 234 pages, Burgess manages to introduce his reader to a young Shakespeare developing into manhood and clumsily fumbling his way through his first sexual escapade with a woman, through Shakespeare’s long, famed (and contested) romance with Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton and, ultimately, to Shakespeare’s final days, the establishment of The Globe theater, and Shakespeare’s romance with â€Å"The Dark Lady.†    Burgess has a command for language.  It is difficult not to be impressed and a little awed by his skill as a story-teller and an imagist.  While, in typical fashion, he does tend to break-off at points of leisurely prose into something more Gertrude Steine-like (stream of consciousness, for example), for the most part he keeps this novel in finely tuned form. This will be nothing new for readers of his best known work, A Clockwork Orange (1962). There is an exceptional arc to this story, which carries the reader from Shakespeare’s boyhood, to his death, with common characters interacting regularly and to an end result.  Even the minor characters, such as Wriothesley’s secretary, are well-established and easily identifiable, once they have been described.   Readers might also appreciate the references to other historical figures of the time and how they affected Shakespeare’s life and works. Christopher Marlowe, Lord Burghley, Sir Walter Raleigh, Queen Elizabeth I, and â€Å"The University Wits† (Robert Greene, John Lyly, Thomas Nashe and George Peele) all appear in or are referenced throughout the novel. Their works (as well as works of the Classicists – Ovid, Virgil; and the early dramatists – Seneca, etc) are clearly defined in relation to their impact on Shakespeare’s own designs and interpretations.  This is highly informative and simultaneously entertaining. Many will enjoy being reminded of how these playwrights competed and worked together, of how Shakespeare was inspired, and by whom, and of how politics and the time period played an important role in the successes and failures of the players (Greene, for instance, died sickly and shamed; Marlowe hunted down as an atheist; Ben Jonson’s imprisoned for treasonous writing, and Nashe having escaped from England for the same).   That being said, Burgess takes much creative, though well-researched, license with Shakespeare’s life and the details of his relationship with various people.  For instance, while many scholars believe â€Å"The Rival Poet† of â€Å"The Fair Youth† sonnets to be either Chapman or Marlowe due to circumstances of fame, stature, and wealth (ego, essentially), Burgess breaks from the traditional interpretation of â€Å"The Rival Poet† to explore the possibility that Chapman was, in fact, a rival for Henry Wriothesley’s attention and affection and,  for this reason, Shakespeare became jealous and critical of Chapman.   Similarly, the ultimately under-established relationships between Shakespeare and Wriothesley, Shakespeare and â€Å"The Dark Lady† (or Lucy, in this novel), and Shakespeare and his wife, are all largely fictional.  While the novel’s general details, including historical happenings, political and religious tensions, and rivalries between the poets and the players are all well envisioned, readers must be careful not to mistake these details for fact.   The story is well written and enjoyable. It is also a fascinating glimpse at history of this particularly time period.   Burgess reminds the reader of many of the fears and prejudices of the time, and seems to be more critical of Elizabeth I than Shakespeare himself was.  It is easy to appreciate Burgess’s cleverness and subtlety, but also his openness and candor in terms of sexuality and taboo relationships.   Ultimately, Burgess wants to open the reader’s mind to the possibilities of what could have happened but is not often explored. We might compare Nothing Like the Sun to others in the â€Å"creative nonfiction† genre, such as Irving Stone’s Lust for Life (1934). When we do, we must concede the latter to be more honest to the facts as we know them, whereas the former is a bit more adventurous in scope.  Overall, Nothing Like the Sun is a highly informative, enjoyable read offering an interesting and valid perspective on Shakespeare’s life and times.

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A school uniform is an identifying, standardized outfit or...

A school uniform is an identifying, standardized outfit or style of dress worn specifically for an educational institution, they dictate the schools â€Å"dress code†. Generally, uniforms when used enhances uniformity among the students, irrespective of their financial status, race, and color or fashion preference; it improves the learning environment, and instils discipline; reduces security threats and thus enhances safety. Over the years, the educational system has been marred with gang related violence, bullying, safety issues, indecent dressing, and lack of discipline. The implementation of mandatory school uniform policy has a positive result via the reduction in gang problems, enhancement of school security, improved†¦show more content†¦With all students having to wear the same outfit, students of low economic status will not feel out of place, under-dressed or insecure among their rich mates wearing name brands and designer labels. Thus competition is reduced and students’ self-esteem and morale will be boosted. Once the issue of competition and fashion consciousness is overruled with a common uniform for all, students tend to increase their focus on studies. Incidence of theft is greatly reduced because there is no temptation to steal an expensive jacket or apparel of a fellow student, since all wear the same thing, the uniform. Certainly the issue of gang can never be overruled in a school environment, membership is often associated with specific style of dressing like wearing baggy pants, adorning bandana, caps with gang symbol, colored shoe laces, boys wearing a particular shape of earing, etc. Wearing clothes of specific colors, having imprints of emblems and insignia on jackets and t-shirts are also paraphernalia that are typical of gang members. Students who do not belong but adorn a shirt that has a color related to a gang can be a subject of attack from rival gang. Consequently with school uniform, the problem related to gang focused dressing is eliminated thus creating a safe learning environment. Significantly, wearing school uniform reduces indecent dressing/exposure which results from female students wearing spaghetti strapped tops,Show MoreRelatedDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pages47 The Defining Issues Test 48 v Cognitive Style Indicator 52 Locus of Control Scale 52 Tolerance of Ambiguity Scale 54 Core Self-Evaluation Scale (CSES) 56 SKILL LEARNING 57 Key Dimensions of Self-Awareness 57 The Enigma of Self-Awareness 58 The Sensitive Line 58 Understanding and Appreciating Individual Differences Important Areas of Self-Awareness 61 Emotional Intelligence 62 Values 65 Ethical Decision Making and Values 72 Cognitive Style 74 Attitudes Toward Change 76 Core Self-EvaluationRead MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 Pages communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Hence it can be surmised that marketing is basically meeting unmet needs for target markets, identifying those unmet needs and planning how to meet them through products, services, and ideas. Communicating the value to them along with pricing which is affordable and profitable and also distributing the products so that cus tomers have appropriate accessibilityRead MoreBrand Building Blocks96400 Words   |  386 Pagesearnings-partly because they lack the information and insight to understand the firm s strategic vision, and partly because they cannot evaluate intangible assets. As a result, managers are motivated to make current performance look good. b. Management style itself is dominated by a short-term orientation. Annual budgeting systems usually emphasize short-term sales, costs, and profits. As a result, brand-building programs are often sacrificed in order to meet these targets. Planning is too often an exerciseRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesthe so-called classical management theories that emerged around the turn of the 20th century. These include scientiï ¬ c management, which focuses on matching people and tasks to maximize efï ¬ ciency, and administrative management, which focuses on identifying the principles that will lead to the creation of the most efï ¬ cient system of organization and management. Next, we consider behavioral management theories developed both before and after World War II; these focus on how managers should lead andRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pages Alas, by 2008 as an economic downturn hit the country, Starbucks’s fortunes worsened and its charmed growth path became rocky. HOWARD SCHULTZ Howard Schultz rose from humble beginnings in Brooklyn. He was a quarterback at Canarsie High, a school so poor it didn’t even have a football field. Northern Michigan University offered him a football scholarship, and he was out of Brooklyn at last. But he couldn’t make the team, and resorted to bartending and selling his blood to make ends meet